Lone Worker

Nowadays there is an ever-increasing risk to people that work alone in different environments.
Modern automated production technique sometimes-mean only one person is required to oversee several processes. There are many situations where workers can be vulnerable to attack or injury.

Employers are now finding Health and Safety law dictates that they have to provide adequate employee security and protection or face the risk of prosecution with a possible prison sentence.

  • Employees working in cellars/storage rooms

  • Static security guards on patrol

  • Engineers working alone in confined spaces/lift shafts etc.

  • Instructors/therapists/consultants in isolated locations

  • Nursing staff/carers mobile or static

The BLEEPER GUARD unit is a small lightweight, belt or pocket worn radio-signalling device, which will offer reassurance in many different environments.
When activated the BLEEPER GUARD will send a call to a pager or static receiver up to a mile away.

  • Alert call for assistance

  • Attack call emergency call for immediate help

  • Cancel situation attended tool

  • Person down automatic call if knocked unconscious

  • Pull cord activated if unit is snatched from wearer

With a rechargeable battery life of up to two weeks it is a very low maintenance unit!

If you value your staff you will want to know they are safe, BLEEPER GUARD will provide reassurance that help will be at hand quickly.

Please contact us for a free onsite, no obligation demonstration.
“Bleeper Guard” is fully programmable and can be configured entirely to your needs.