On-site Paging Systems

Now you can ensure that you contact your staff without delay, to take that important phone call, make an instant decision, attend to an equipment breakdown or bring their attention to any urgent business task.

There are a number of different paging systems that are available, and we approach every project on an individual basis. Whatever your business, your system will be configured to meet your needs precisely and adapt easily should they change.

Generic Systems Available

Operator Paging from a Console or Workstation

The operator, can directly call personnel from a console or workstation. The most basic system is a compact, dedicated desk-top unit allowing the operator to press a button and bleep an individual. More featured systems support numeric pagers and if used with a PC or workstation the operator can send full text messages. Multiple consoles are supported and if using a PC or work stations, it can run both paging and other application software.

Direct Telephone Access Paging

By dialling up the paging terminal on a PABX, telephone users can initiate a pager call directly without operator assistance. Calls are sent by entering the individual number of the pager. Page calls can be tone only, or the telephone caller can enter a numeric message from his telephone keypad, perhaps signalling the number which the pager holder should call upon receipt of the message.

Remote Monitoring Systems

Pagers can be used to alert mobile security guards, machine operators, fire teams or maintenance staff about incidents requiring their attention. Linked directly to security systems, fire alarms etc., a paging terminal can be programmed to send one or more alert calls when a door is opened, button pressed i.e. door bell or fire alarm triggered. The page can be a simple tone alert or a text message advising details of the incident and location.

Paging with Control and Management Systems

Increasingly paging is being integrated with control and management systems to provide system data to mobile personnel. Paging can be linked to production control, process control, building management and nurse call systems. Mobile personnel carry text pagers and can receive update reports on the system status, freeing them to move around and perform other tasks. Industry recognised interface standards allow compatibility between the control and paging systems.

Integrated Private and Public Access Paging

Our clients frequently require the benefits of owning a private paging system with the benefits of wide area coverage offered by public paging networks. A paging terminal which integrates access to private and public paging systems allows both on-site and off-site personnel to be contacted. Callers do not need to know the location of the called party, with routing handled by the paging terminal.

Paging with Voice Messaging and Voice Mail Systems

By integrating paging with voice messaging systems, telephones users can call another party, and if no answer, be routed to a voice mailbox to leave a message. The called party will be paged and advised to retrieve the message left for him. Paging with voice mail can be integrated with mobile radio giving telephone, mobile radio and pager users access between services.

Wide Area Paging

Simple to use, effective and low cost, we can provide a variety of wide area pagers from simple tone only, to full alphanumeric pagers on either a rental or purchase option. We stock the latest fashions and designs in Calling Party Paid Pagers. Should you require, we can also supply paging software to run direct from your server of desktop computer system.