Professional Mobile Radio

One of the most versatile products now available to meet the need for effective on-site communication in business today is the low-cost Mobile Handportable radios. Within the UK and Europe today, there are two categories of radio which may be supplied.;

For simple, low cost, license free on-site communication from mobile radio to mobile radio, PMR 446 is ideal and provides coverage of up to one mile (dependant upon terrain).


For large sites requiring communications, professional radios can be interconnected with your existing PABX for various configurations and applications. A licensed frequency ensures privacy and eliminates interference from other radio users.

Key Benefits
  • Speak directly to key staff who may be in any part of the building - perhaps even operating machinery in areas remote from a fixed phone, loading bay yard etc.

  • Immediately locate people to respond to telephone enquiries without keeping customers waiting.

  • To provide increased security in areas where staff may feel vulnerable.

  • To quickly co-ordinate evacuation procedures in the case of fire etc. Risk assessment is now a major concern for every business.

  • Integration with a PABX can allow for Lone Station Worker, Man down or receive an external telephone call whilst you are out on-site.

We provide a range of PMR 446 or Professional Mobile Radios from the leading suppliers, including; Motorola, Icom, Kenwood and Simoco.

Case History

Read what Richard Burslem, a director of Wallwork Heat Treatment Ltd, Bury, Lancashire, has to say;

"We always had big problems first thing in the morning. With 12 vehicles and 200 deliveries a day to organise our transport manager was continuously paged to contact reception for incoming telephone calls. In most cases customers were only looking for a simple answer as to whether we could collect from or deliver to them that day. The mobile radio's solved that problem instantly. Additionally there were times when people would be paged but because they were doing a job on a stacker truck or something, they would ignore the call"

"Of course now, because the radios are in place, key staff can respond back immediately without interruption to their work. In fact, we've been so impressed with the radio's that we have also ordered additional ones for our other branches."


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