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As pioneers in the manufacture of rugged, buoyant and multi-function 
The HX210E features a high capacity (1850Ah) internal Lithium Ion bat,

which has allowed for a smaller and more ergonomic case to be built around it.

The case itself is buoyant and waterproof to 1 metre for 30 minutes, and is
designed to float face up if dropped overboard. There is also a water-activated
strobe light on the cover, allowing the radio – or the person attached to it – to be
found at night.
The new model boasts one of the largest screens in its class, delivering a higher
resolution display for crisp dot matrix readouts, and a super-bright (yet
dimmable) backlit LCD screen. Transmit power can be toggled between 1W,
2.5W and 6W, depending on local requirements.
The transceiver offers all of the main VHF marine channels via the E20 ‘Easy-to-
Operate’ menu system, with programmable function keys to customize your most frequent settings.
It also features an accessory jack to allow the use of a range speaker microphones and headsets.
The integral FM radio will receive broadcasts from between 76MHz to 108MHz, making the
HX210E a small but versatile companion out on the water.
As with all Standard Horizon floating transceivers, there is a no quibble, no cost three-year

  • waterproofing guarantee, and the unit is supplied with a desktop 3-hour rapid charging cradle.


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